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About Us

Lex Initiative for Rights Advocacy and Development (LIRAD) is a non-governmental organization of professionals who share a commitment to equality, fairness, accountability, justice and globalization of human rights standards.

LIRAD works at all levels to impact public policy and social change and provide innovative range of services to achieve equality and justice. The organization does this through research, collaborative advocacy, capacity building, dissemination of information and integrating the implementation of government policies.


To promote and protect the interest of vulnerable groups and the environment through direct involvement of all stakeholders to ensure a sustainable development and ensure that human rights are upheld and protected.


To ensure strict adherence to the rule of law, good governance & accountable institutions in Nigeria.


  1. To promote sustainable environmental management, environmental governance, nature conservation and protection.
  2. To promote human, digital, environmental and animal rights, social justice, democracy and good governance.
  3. To empower youths and women in rural communities in line with international human rights treaties.
  4. To promote access to justice.
  5. To engage in programs capable of alleviating poverty in the society.
  6. To promote peace building and conflict resolution.
  7. To collaborate and network with local and international organizations.
  8. To promote corporate accountability.
  9. To promote the rights of children, women and girls.

Core Values

Integrity, Inclusiveness, Impact and Professionalism.

Meet The Team

What We Do

LIRAD projects centre on Human rights, Digital rights, Child Rights, Gender and Social justices, Environmental protection and preservation, Policy monitoring and Advocacy and Community Development.

LIRAD has been involved in the review of laws and the drafting of governance, environmental and social legislation towards improving the environmental, human and digital rights.

LIRAD also keep the citizens educated and informed on human rights, environmental and governance related issues and ensure that they make input through dialogues or use of cutting edge technologies in discourse that affect them.

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Name: Lex Initiative for Rights Advocacy and Development

Zenith Bank Account

Acc. No: 1017699874 Name: Lex Initiative for Rights Advocacy and Development
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