It is gathered that the Senate was planning to pass the Social Media Bill in secret, and this has prompted the Centre for Liberty, a coalition of human rights groups, to stage a protest on Wednesday.

There has been widespread rejection of the bill by Nigerians and a secret passage of the bill would negatively impact people’s trust of the Senate body.

And in reaction to the rumour that the bill would soon be passed in secret, the Centre for Liberty protested with placards bearing inscriptions such as ‘Social Media Bill, Hate Speech Bill a misplacement of priority’, ‘1999 Constitution (as amended) in danger, #SayNoToSocialMediaBill’, ‘Kill the Social Media Bill, Hate Speech Bill Now’, and ‘#InternetNoBeEnemy’.

Raphael Adebayo was the Co-Convener of the Centre for Liberty. And the protesters included Augusta Yaakugh, Executive Director of Lex Initiative for Rights Advocacy and Development (LIRAD), Martin Obono, Executive Director of Tap Initiative, Amarachi Ogwuma from Global Rights.

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