My Voice, Our Equal Future Project


Today, the world observes the International Day of the Girl Child in accordance with the UN declaration of 2011.

It is a day to celebrate the uniqueness of the girl child as well as amplify the unique challenges the girl child is facing on a daily basis.

Theme: My Voice, Our Equal Future
The theme for 2020 addresses the global call to action that we should:

  1. Improve the lives of girls and aspire to make their lives better wherever we are.
  2. Increase the need for girl activism.
  3. Demand for laws to free the girl child from sexual and gender based violence, including the removal of cultural, social, educational and economic obstacles that are impeding their wellbeing and progress.
  4. In line with the aims of the 2030 Agenda for the SDGs that we should leave no one behind, it calls for a reflection and commitment on our responsibilities towards the girl child. For we are all stakeholders for the girl child.

The Beijing Platform For Action also recently listed the protection of the girl child as one of the twelve (12) main areas of concern.
To this end, LIRAD is calling out for a positive change in this regard. We must continue to strive to protect and preserve the rights and interests of our girls. The focus should be to generally secure the human rights of all girls even in this period of COVID-19 pandemic which exposed them to various challenges.
Girl – child rape, defilement and abduction is still on the increase. It has become a scourge and the girl child is no longer safe. That is why the theme for this year is apt. let us raise our voices against the challenges they face so they can be safe and in turn, they will have the opportunity to excel now and in the future.