Following our first successful dialogue on “Poetry as a Tool for Social Justice” in commemoration of World Poetry Day 2021 where we highlighted the issues of social justice in Nigeria, and found the need to further use Poetry to proffer solutions to the issues affecting our Nation.

The second Poetic dialogue is aimed at using the voices of young Nigerian Poets to dismantle what holds us back as a people and a nation.

This second dialogue will feature poets carefully selected all over Nigeria who will make use of their gift of poetry to encourage Nigerians to contribute to meet the above stated objectives. These poems will be centered on nation building taking into cognizance the current state of insecurity in the nation. These poems will proffer solutions to issues of banditry, kidnapping, farmers-herders conflict, IPOB, Boko Haram and economic decline in Nigeria.

It is our submission that poetry can help build bridges by bringing people together to find common grounds to prevent and/or end conflicts. It is also our submission that it is possible through poetry to block the “markets” for recruitment of persons engaged in banditry and kidnapping. It can create counter narratives to the Boko haram ideologies. We believe poetry can serve as a soft approach to insecurity by the winning minds and soul of the society in general.