LIRAD seeks to introduce the concept of information technology to children living in rural communities in Nigeria through the Tech-A-Child Project. The intended strategy is approach with an accumulation of small details before introducing the children to a high level or high concept approach.

The purpose of the Tech-A-Child Project is to bring engagement on how new technologies can help transform education of children in less privileged communities in Nigeria. LIRAD has found through research that those who are most able to benefit from the introduction of ICTs (e.g. children with educated parents and good teachers, who live in prosperous communities, etc.) are indeed the ones who benefit the most. Therefore, LIRAD is taking proactive steps to mitigate the issue of lack of technology education which should benefit poor and disadvantaged children.

The Tech-A-Child Project is an intervention that has been designed to expose, enlighten and introduce children in the less privileged communities to information technology by training them through series of direct actions.