Digital rights and privacy are crucial aspects of human rights in today’s increasingly interconnected world. The Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 16 focuses on promoting peace, justice, and strong institutions. Within this framework, it is essential to address the emerging challenges to digital rights and privacy, especially for key populations, who are often more vulnerable to online harassment and surveillance. This concept note outlines the objectives, target audience, and key discussion points for a webinar aimed at engaging experts in the field and exploring strategies to protect individuals from these threats.


a. Raise awareness: Enhance understanding among participants about the importance of digital rights and privacy, particularly for key populations.

b. Identify challenges: Identify and discuss the emerging challenges faced by key populations in terms of online harassment and surveillance.

c. Explore strategies: Facilitate dialogue and knowledge sharing among experts to develop strategies and best practices for protecting individuals’ digital rights and privacy.

d. Empower stakeholders: Empower participants with practical tools and resources to advocate for and safeguard digital rights and privacy in their respective domains.

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